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About Us Ministry of Weddings is a boutique elite exclusive matchmaking firm that brings a fresh approach to traditional matchmaking. 1/3 Our Personalised services for handpicking every match is based on untmost trust, integrity and compatibility of the client. 2/3 About Us Slider 2 About Us Our purpose is to provide a personal touch to our clients, so we act more like a family member than just a protocol-bound matrimonial company. 3/3


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Why Choose Ministry of Weddings

Ministry of Weddings is exclusive high-end matchmaking that sets out to redefine matrimony for affluent families all over the globe. We fulfill today's eligible singles needs seeking convenient and effective ways to meet with prospective partners. With many services for Elite Matchmaking providing a complete assortment of profiles, we confine only personalized matches according to your preferences, posing a compelling reason for you to associate with us. We cater to a multitude of communities.









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Our Approach

Ministry of Weddings aims to vary the way people view matrimonial services. Our personalized approach has helped thousands of MOW Members find the partner of their dreams. All programs are 100% customized and confidential. We want to make the search process personal and comfortable. We visualize ourselves as a trustworthy matchmaking service preferential for people from all walks of life. The youth generation is not opposed to Arranged marriages; rather, they find it is an opportunity to meet someone and thinks of as a reliable and compatible match. The secret of our success lies in understanding both individual and family needs, not settling on either, and then proceeding for a personalized search. We take pride in not flooding you with an unsuitable database but rather taking the time to personally curate matches. We help you get that one right partner for you regardless of age or any rough past relations. We believe your busy schedule, concerns of your parent or age should not be a barrier to finding your perfect match. Instead, we assist you in overcoming your hesitations and creating your profile to find the right match based on your views and interests. For addressing this, we at the Ministry of Weddings follow a step-by-step process.

We have an initial registration process. The Client’s details and their requirements are taken in the form. Once you fill in the details, we will authorize your profile with a photo verification procedure over a video call.

The Client subscribes to our services for six months. The amount is made by the Client online. With the payment of registration fees, you now become an exclusive member of Ministry of Weddings.

Our team in the respective city goes takes appointments from the Client and visits their workplace and home personally to cross-verify the details. We verify family background, caste, financial status, location, community, profession personally. Throughout the process, we ensure to maintain client privacy. Our Experts personally supervise every profile and its credentials.
Once you select to avail of our personalized search and matchmaking service, we meet with you and your family either on-call or arrange a meeting to know your requirements for your life partner. We individually meet the prospect and their family to understand their requirements and point of view. Confidentiality shall be maintained throughout the procedure.
Once information is approved, the search process begins with scanning and filtering of varied profiles for you. Our search extends beyond our network to our social circle and referrals. Curating a personalized profile and verification of the same will require 15-20 days.
Finally, we compile and present information on the prospective match. On receiving consent, we fix your meeting. After each meeting, we individually speak to both Families and use your feedback to improve further matches. We are personally involved throughout this process as a family.
Ministry of Weddings also provides Premarital Counseling services for the bride and groom that will foster healthy communication and bridge marriage expectations and role beliefs. This counseling provides a better insight into an individual, understands their individual needs, and increases their readiness to find a suitable life partner. We do offer grooming suggestions to the bride and groom if required. We provide dedicated attention and personalized support in every case.
If you find anyone promising, it gives you leverage to hold your time. You only wish to talk to the particular lead your time will behold. Within your six-monthly membership period, we do provide you a 30-day hold time duration. This process is designed to prepare an individual to be better equipped with the concept of marriage, relationship building, and the foundation for a healthy marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ministry of Weddings is a premier upscale elite matrimonial company. We help you find your perfect soulmate with our personalized services. We help you. Click!

Compatibility and Core Values. At MOW, we start with compatibility first and foremost. We match with someone you share similar lifestyles, attitudes, values, and goals to ensure that your relationship will have a solid foundation beyond just chemistry and attraction.
Ministry of Weddings serves you with the personal touch. We give the utmost consideration to build your profile, partner preferences, and family values. Simultaneously we search and talk with prospective matching families only about you, and we arrange a meeting for further with both parties’ consent.
We are continuously strengthening our network of well-established Indians all over the globe. We follow a personalized approach wherein we meet and interact with all our clients, understanding them better and sharing suitable matches. We follow an effort-based process where we do a focused search for all our clients within and beyond our database. We concentrate on quality over quantity, so we share profiles only after screening them as per each client's requirement.
Absolutely not! Please feel free to share your situation, and we understand how to serve you best.

No. We cannot give any fixed estimate of profiles that we would be shared. Also, we do not believe in sharing any profiles randomly but instead will only share profiles that will match your requirements.

Our team provides frequent updates on emails or WhatsApp, as per the preference of the

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